Here are some projects I did for classes or personal interest.

Stick Balancing Data Visualization

This interative data visualization project was my first visualization project using D3.js. You can look at it here. It works best on a desktop. Below is a screenshot. The visualization summarizes the preliminary data for my research on stick balancing.


Stereo Vision Tracking System Using Webcams

A stereo vision tracking system using webcams was constructed to record stereo videos of moving labeled targets and extract the 3D trajectories of these targets from the recorded videos. It consists of three major steps - stereo video capturing, post processing, and 3D trajectory construction of labeled targets. The goal of this stereo system is to record human stick balancing experiments and extract the stick trajectories in 3D space.

Project report: here.

A video that shows the left and right camera tracking a stick.

Undergraduate/Master’s Engineering Projects

Here are some of the past engineering projects I have worked on during my undergraduate and master’s study:

Robotic Design Competition

meter stick Participated in Northwestern University's annual Robotic Design Competition in 2012. In a team of two, we built a mobile robot that searched for crates, picked them up, and put them in a specified goal zone.

More information: here.

Robotic Manipulation

meter stick Simulated the meter stick trick using the Linear Complementarity Problem (LCP) based method to incorporate contact state estimation.

Project report: here.

Methods of Applied Mathematics

sound wave Simulated a sound wave traveling through a material with internal defects using Mathematica.

Project report: here.

Experimental Engineering

psychopysical Conducted a psychophysical study to measure the effect of visual and audio stimuli on subjective time estimation.
Built the circuit for the experiment and analyzed the data using MATLAB.

Project report: here.

Intelligent Labyrinth Solver

labyrinth Designed an automated labyrinth solver by modifying a manual labyrinth.
Implemented control using Microchip PIC32 and designed a printed circuit board for the circuit.

Project report: here.

Transmission Gear System Design

shaft Designed a gear train of a transmission system with geometric constraints and power requirements.
Applied industry standards in gear design and bearing selection.

Project report: here.

Fluid Mechanics of Arteriosclerotic Obstructions and Arterial Bypasses

arteriosclerosis Researched the effects of bypass surgery on relieving blood flow through a coronary artery affected by arteriosclerosis.
Modeled fluid mechanics of the blood flow through the artery in MATLAB.

Final presentation: here.

User Interface of a Mobile Application

shaft Designed a graphic user interface and the basic flows of a BlackBerry mobile application for a global industrial supply distribution company.
Conducted user observations and testing.
Surveyed user through online surveys and phone calls to collect data.
Analyzed data to discover trends and improve product design.

Project report: here.

Newspaper Reading Board

shaft Designed a newspaper reading board for individuals with spinal cord injuries for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
Conducted user observations and testing, and product performance testing to improve design.
Delivered a functioning prototype, a formal report and an oral presentation.

Project poster: here.